The practice of octopus balls

The practice of octopus balls
1. Wash the squid to the black skin and peel it off from the middle.
2. Cut the squid into small diced.
3. Boil the water and put the squid into the water for two minutes.
4. Remove the squid from the control water.
5. Burn the octopus powder, water, and place the eggs in a container.
6. Place the octopus frying pan on the fire and heat it.
7. Brush the appropriate amount of vegetable oil in a frying pan.
8. Turn off the fire and pour the octopus powder into the frying pan. Add octopus and kohlrabi onions.
9. Pour another layer of octopus to make a small fire-fried pellet.
10. After the octopus balls below are shaped, the material outside the hole is filled with oil and then turned over. 11. After the pellets are completely formed, the pellets are continuously flipped with the signature and heated evenly.
12. Place the fried balls in a dish.
13. Squeeze the salad dressing, ketchup, and octopus sauce according to taste.
14. Sprinkle with wood fish and seaweed and eat.

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