The new "Food Safety Law" publicity month starts

The new "Food Safety Law" publicity month starts
According to our company, this year's new "Food Safety Law" publicity month was recently launched in Beijing Yonghui Supermarket Lugu Store, and 20 domestic large-scale retail enterprises were launched simultaneously.
In order to popularize food safety legal knowledge and enhance consumers' awareness of rights protection, the China Chain Store & Franchise Association organized 20 large-scale retail enterprises nationwide to carry out a one-month publicity and education campaign on the new Food Safety Law. During the event, each company will promote the new Food Safety Law through the posters, on-site publicity and consultation services, on-site display and promotional videos, combined with internal food safety knowledge training, organizing consumers to visit the kitchen and other activities. Relevant laws and regulations, the obligations and legal responsibilities of food safety production and business operators, consumer rights and obligations, and ways to report complaints.

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